Vacation! is an upcoming 2011 movie that we can categorize as falling under the series of movies begun (or rather, spawned) by the movie Vacation, which belongs to the year 1983 and starred Chevy Chase as a man named Mr. Griswold going on a road trip to a theme park called Walley World with his wife and children. The original Vacation was a light-hearted, sweetly funny comedy that turned out to be a hit. Its sequels, all variations on the vacation theme, were rather uneven in quality.

At present, information on the new Vacation! movie is rather scarce. The information publicly available states that the new movie centers on Rusty Griswold, presumably the son of the “original” Mr. Griswold. Chase is set to reprise his old role as an older, more grandfatherly version of the character from the previous movies.

The plot of the new movie does seem as if it was formulated as a conscious return to that of the original. Once again, we will have a family on a trip to Walley World. This time, Griswold the younger wishes to take his family there because he has heard that the theme park will soon close forever, and he wishes to see it one last time before it bites the dust for good.



As we have said before, the quality of the movies in this series varies widely, so it will be very difficult to make predictions about how good or bad this upcoming film is likely to be. The exclamation point at the end of the title, for instance, might be taken as either a good or worrying sign. On the one hand, it might suggest that the new movie is going to be more creative, funny, and inventive than its predecessors. On the other hand, we might end up with a film that is so overstuffed, vulgar, and garish that it ultimately disappoints us with sheer excess. Of course, it also makes sense to wonder what the new film plans to offer us (if anything at all) in place of the stilted-but-ultimately-charming cameo from Christie Brinkley in the original 1983 film.

In addition, the film’s treatment of the family at the center of its story will also be very important. The mixed success of the previous films has proven how difficult a balancing act this can be. Firstly, a lot of the comedy comes from highlighting (and exaggerating) the silliness and callowness of many American suburban families on vacation. Then again, the film must not lose sight of the fact that the Griswolds are ultimately decent people who love each other and want to spend their vacation together. In order to pull this task off successfully, the film needs a good director, and a smart, nuanced actor to play Rusty Griswold. Unfortunately, since the major names attached to the project have not yet been released, all we can do is play guessing games.

It is to be hoped that this film is made with real thought and care, and that it will be a good movie in its own right, instead of a mere exercise in nostalgia.

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Year : 2010
Director : Zach Clark
Cast: Trieste Kelly Dunn, Lydia Hyslop, Maggie Ross, Melodie Sisk, Michael Abbott Jr, Tara Everhart, Tony Greenberg, Ellie Nicoll, Martha Stephens
Country : United States
Genre: comedy
Language: English