Midnight Crossing

Writer and director Roger Holzberg helmed this 1988 movie starring Daniel J Travanti, Faye Dunaway and Kim Cattral, an impressive list of top flight actors which guarantees that the audience is in for a great time.

Midnight Crossing

Midnight Crossing

Based on real events, Midnight Crossing is the story of greed for money, set in Cuba under the iron rule of Fidel Castro. Several U.S. Navy men hide a pile of loot on a remote Cuban island in 1961 when Castro came to power and then, 30 years later, they return to claim their belongings. But it isn’t going to be that easy for them as times have changed, lawlessness has increased and they are going to have to combat modern pirates to make sure that they can reclaim their cash. It’s a simple enough plot and a classic story that grabs the attention from the start and draws the audience in for the entire duration of the movie.

There is a healthy dose of mystery interwoven through the plot, keeping the viewer guessing and the movie pulls no punches with it’s depiction of greedy casino owners and the fact that many U.S. Navy officers knew full well that there was a great deal of lot stashed away waiting to be claimed.

It seems to be historically very accurate as well and the depiction of Castro’s Cuba rings true, a place of suspicion and terror, yet a beautiful and atmospheric background to the story. The director takes full advantage of the fantastic locations with some sumptuous cinematography that really shows off the wild beauty of the island and there are some tremendous action sequences that leave the viewer on the edge of their seat. All of the performers are excellent but the real standout is Faye Dunaway, as a blind woman who is caught up in the unfolding drama. Playing blind can be incredibly difficult to pull off convincingly but Dunaway manages this difficult feat with great panache and becomes a very believable and vulnerable character.

Full of suspense and intrigue, this is a great film to watch on a weekend afternoon, holding the attention and telling an all too familiar story about where the quest for wealth can lead.

Highly recommended.

Director: Roger Holzberg
Writers: Roger Holzberg (screenplay), Doug Weiser (screenplay)
Stars: Faye Dunaway, Daniel J. Travanti and Kim Cattrall
Country: USA
Release Date: June 1989

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