Director: Gabriel Cowan
Stars: Mircea Monroe, Christopher Shand and Brian Krause
Writer: Gabriel Cowan , Gabriel Cowan (story)
Release Date:
Our Rating: 4/10

Director Gabriel Cowan was the mind behind this inventive 2010, sci fi thriller. Set in 1989 which already seems more than a couple of decades ago



The story concerns the very oddly named Cuttyhunk island, where there is a scientific research institute dedicated to dealing with parasitism. As a by product of their research, the scientists discover something that will be a massive leap in the evolution of man, giving the subjects enhanced abilities As a result, most of the population of the island was wiped out. Yep, one of THOSE advances.

Twenty years later, Jamie Ackerman who fled the midland when she was a child, returns to the centre of the horror which killed her mother back in 89. She has come to sell the family home but there are dark secrets waiting for her and she is going to have to come to terms with her horrific past. What is more, a resistant strain of parasites has developed and is now terrorising the community so Jamie has to not only guard for her life against them, but also make sure that she escapes the clutches of Larkin, the leader of the community who knows far more about her inheritance than he is letting on.

An inventive little horror/thriller with a lot of twists and turns on the way, though none of them hugely unpredictable. This is in some ways very standard fare, seeming not a million miles away from “Tremors” in some respects but nevertheless stands up well on it’s own as a piece of entertainment. The cast are all up to scratch and perform well, particularly when facing off the parasites which are in themselves superbly realised. In a movie like this, the verisimilitude of the effects is paramount and the team working on this did a fine job of bringing the slithering screeching parasites to frightening life. the plot is well thought through and doesn’t meander and get lost so all in all this is another one to sit back and enjoy of an evening when you want something easy on the eye and undemanding on the brain.


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