Director: J.R. Bookwalter
Stars: James L. Edwards, Ariauna Albright, Tom Hoover
Release Date: 29 October 1996 (USA)
Our Rating: /10

Being a fan of the TV show “Red Dwarf” I immediately thought for a moment that this was the episode of the same name from that series. Imagine my delight when it turned out I was wrong and what I was actually watching was a hugely low budget mid nineties sci fi about an alien that can take on any form…hand on, that IS an episode of Red Dwarf! Which at least was funny.

A group of interns who have been summoned deep into a forest to discover what they can about a recently fallen meteorite instead make the grisly discovery of a dead body , which then comes back to life and starts to give them no end of hassle for no good reason. It turns out that the body is merely the latest form of an alien that can replicate any creature it comes into contact with. Added to this there is a cartel of smugglers hanging out in the woods who are far from harmless themselves. In what is some ways a retelling of The Thing, soon none of them know who is the alien and all are terrified as it’s reign of destruction begins.

This low budget movie has a lot going for it and it’s a great shame therefore that this has the unfortunate effect of making the dodgy effects stand out even more. There is CGI but it does look a little like it came from the dark ages (or then 1980s as we like to call it) and while some of the practical effects are excellent again those that are less than special let the side down and bring down the overall feel of the movie.

The acting is as variable as you might expect, some scenes seem, extremely contrived and unfortunately because of this just become funny, however there are some genuinely well acted moments in the movie. It’s a pity the two best performers get killed off halfway through though. While it starts well with a nice build up of tension, the denouement where the remaining protagonists dress up like they are in The Matrix and go on a supposedly vengeful killing spree is so limp as to be completely laughable. And don’t even bother hoping for continuity because there frequently isn’t any.



Despite that, the film stays entertaining and manages to justify it’s running time. There’s a lot worse than this out there so give it a go and prepare to enjoy yourself. What production problems there are, are smoothed by the exuberance of the filmmakers and it’s having fun that counts!

Director: J.R. Bookwalter
Cast: Jennifer Huss, Ariauna Albright, Tom Hoover, James L. Edwards, Sasha Graham
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2005

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