The Dead Next Door

The Dead Next Door appears to be tastefully done sans the obviously limited budget that was available to produce it. It may seem like an amateur home video at first but if you look deeply into the story, the characters, and the screenshots, you would undoubtedly conclude that it’s a full-length movie. Never mind how much was spent to create it. Never mind if everyone involved in the film worked on it free of charge.

It was Sam Raimi, who hid under the pseudonym ‘The Master Cylinder’, that produced The Dead Next Door by using a part of his payment from Evil Dead 2. The amount is not as much to begin with but director on the helm, J.R. Bookwalter, was able to maximize the budget.

The Plot

The Dead Next Door opens up by the growing epidemic of zombies, poised to take over the planet. Half a decade later, humans still own control, but obviously have to do something to ditch the living corpses for good otherwise they will be able to successfully creep into the perfect world of humans.

To counter the problem, the government developed an elite squad of soldiers to keep the monsters in tow headed by Raimi (Pete Ferry), Mercer (Michael Grossi), and Kuller (Jolie Jackunas). But the problem does not end there. The zombie squad also has a religious cult, which believes that they have to protect and enable the zombies because they are punishments ordained by God, to wrestle.

Unfortunately, Mercer gets infected by the virus while he and the team are battling it out with the monsters in Ohio. Zombies seem to start becoming triumphant and that signals an immediate need for Scientists to develop a cure for the virus that creates the zombies in the first place.

Other members of the cast include Bogdan Pecic as Dr. Moulsson and Robert Kokai as Rev. Jones among others. It wasn’t coincidental that the main character is named Raimi. That was intentional. In fact, a number of other characters were also named after the big names in the horror and zombie film genre, including Savini, King, and Romero.

The Verdict

If you are looking for gore, you would not be disappointed with The Dead Next Door because it features gore galore alright. It also comes with an interesting scoring, also done by Bookwalter, which will keep you in your toes with every scene.

The Dead Next Door

The Dead Next Door

Director Bookwalter has shown great passion for his craft with this film. Moviemaking is definitely something he wants to do for a long time. His burning passion for movies threw in an interesting plot that is a must-see for every horror-loving individual. The Dead Next Door is a product of very low budget. What’s more if he’s given enough money to produce a riveting, engaging film of fright?

Director: J.R. Bookwalter
Cast: Bogdan Pecic, Peter Ferry, Jolie Jackunas, Michael Grossi, Robert Kokai
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2005

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