One Eyed Monster

A sci-fi horror, “One Eyed Monster” is a monstrosity that only few can imagine happen and Adam Fields, the director, is one of those who can think in these lines. Along with his co-writer brothers Jordan and Scott Fields, the three have conjured up a script that is hilariously horrific and more of a farce on horror films, ridiculing the very genre.

The film cast comprises of the famed porn legend Ron Jeremy, who must have starred in almost every porn movie of his time and costar Veronica Hart, both of whom play themselves. Surprisingly, you also get to see Amber Benson from “Buffy the Vampire” as one of the characters in the film.

The ten-member crew is all set and takes off to a mountain location where they plan to shoot a porn film with Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart. The crew includes apart from the porn stars, amateur porn stars Rock (John Edward Lee), Angel (Carmen Hart), Wanda (Jenny Guy) and Lance (Bart Fletcher). Also in the crew are director/producer Jim (Jeff Denton), cameraman T.J (Calab Mayo), electrician and sound technician Jonah (Jason Graham) and last but not the least Amber Benson playing Laura, the script girl and make-up artist. The party gets dropped by a school bus at a mountain lodge where the characters move into their cabins.

One Eyed Monster

One Eyed Monster

As Jim prepares his crew for their first shoot, they hear on the radio about a mysterious light lingering for the past few days over the mountains, but it is not something they need to worry about. The first sex scene takes place and then Jonah needs to go out and get some more lighting equipment from their truck parked outside. Ron follows in an urge to relieve himself, but no sooner does he get to pee, a bright blinding light strikes his member and he falls to the ground. Jonah helps him in, but Ron begins to act a little strange and in the shooting of the next sex scene, he gets sexually rough with Veronica until she begins to scream in pain.

The rest of the crew has to literally push Ron away while Veronica begins to hemorrhage. In the meantime, they turn their attention back on Ron, only to find him dead, but minus his member, which strangely seems to have detached itself from the body. In the next series of events, we watch the menacing member, which seems to be possessed by an alien force, attack each member of the crew one by one killing them in the most horrendous ways. The enormous organ is all prepared to impregnate any woman it can lay its eyes on and the first victim of this colossal menace is Angel, who is rehearsing in her room.

How to save themselves from this havoc is the crew’s only concern now? Among all the confusion, in comes Montz (Charles Napier), a retired soldier living in the mountains. He along with the others tries to destroy the alien member, but gets killed in the process, but not until he has given a hilarious account of a similar episode that he had encountered in Vietnam during the war. The film does not have all the gore that is expected of a horror film, but it has a chilling effect all the same. If you fancy watching a hyperactive sex organ in action and a famous one (Ron’s) for that matter, then the “One Eyed Monster” may be your cup of tea.

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