Night of the Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead is a hooror movie directed by the legendary director George A. Romero. Night Of The Living Dead revolves around the rising of the dead to hunt for fresh meat. It was assumed that the terror all started when the dead were hit by a radiation caused by a fallen satellite which causes a dead man walking and rising, hungry for warm, human flesh.

The main plot of the movie started when two siblings went to a rural cemetery to visit their father’s grave. This graveyard is located in a remote area at the city of Pennsylvania.

While Barbara, the sister, played by Judith O’Dea, was saying her heartfelt prayer, her brother contested and tried to argue about the concept of God and the church. While they are discussing, a forceful zombie grabbed Barbara and attacked her.

Her brother rushed to defend and save her. He was then bitten by the zombie and was eventually killed. Frightened, Barbara hurriedly jumped to their car as she was being chased by not just one, but a lot of zombies.

She tried to look for help and arrives at a local farm house nearby. There was no one around and no means of communication is available as the phone was disconnected. She stayed there for shelter until Ben, played by Duane Jones, the hero in the film, arrives at the old house.

She now has company but at first, she was even more scared of him than the zombies parading outside. Later a few more refugees from the terror joined them in the house. It includes Harry Cooper, played by Karl Hardman, his daughter Karen played by Kyra Schon, and his wife Helen played by Marilyn Eastman, and two more people.

The movie did not only show chaos between the living and the dead, the people and the zombies, it also showed chaos between people themselves. People versus people. It happens in real life therefore it is a good point to emphasize.

In the house, as the characters were all strangers to each other to begin with, except for the family of Cooper, all of them were struggling to survive not just the zombies but each other as well. Trust is the main factor as in times like these where it is a matter of life and death, you cannot really trust the motives of all the others and you cannot really pinpoint who is the real hero or if there is actually one.

All of them are arguing about each other’s own issues and fighting over which strategy to use to fight the terrifying zombies. One mistake in their strategies means putting someone’s life at risk.

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

The film was very well portrayed by each of the characters in the story. The ending also offers a very touching and unexpected twist. In general, the Night of the Living Dead is still one of the best and most liked zombie movies ever made. No wonder it has grown popular even through the years. It is definitely worthy of praise. It is classic and unbeatably terrifying.

Director: George A. Romero
Cast: A.C. McDonald, Bill Cardille, Charles Craig
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 1968
Award: National Film Preservation Board

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