My Dead Girlfriend

Directed by actor/director/editor Brett Kelly, known for his low-budget horror films, My Dead Girlfriend is yet another film in his favorite filmmaking genre. No different from his previously directed movies, My Dead Girlfriend has a typical horror story, but with some funny aspects to it, funny depending on what you would consider worth a laugh.

Kelly has the potential to do better, but he does not seem to want to expand his horizons and sticks to his style of low-budget filmmaking. If he could get someone better to do the writing and acting rather than his friends, not that they are bad, but he might just be able to add a finer touch to his otherwise mediocre movies.

Steve (Brett Kelly), a literature teacher at the local college has just had his young girlfriend move in with him into his studio apartment. In the process of getting herself settled in, Amy (Caitlin Delaney), an occult follower, goes out to get some of her stuff from the car trunk. She pulls on her Walkman headphones and while taking out her belongings drops a glass object, which comes shattering down. Having finished with her work, she shuts the trunk and gets down on her knees to clear up the glass pieces. Steve walks out at that moment calling out to her, but of course Amy can’t hear with the headphones on.

He thinks he missed her on his way out and gets into his car. Then the unexpected happens, Steve accidentally runs her over while reversing his car, not knowing that Amy is kneeling on the ground at the back of the car. Absurd as it sounds, Amy dies on the spot. Horror-struck, Steve drags Amy’s lifeless body back into the house. Not wanting to let her go like this, he thinks of bringing her back to life with an ancient spell that he has found in a book of magic. He uses the spell to revive her and it works. She does come alive, but mind you not as the Amy that Steve had wanted back, but as a bloodthirsty zombie.

To Steve’s utmost horror, the girl who was once purely vegetarian has now become a flesh-eating monster and now Steve must think of a way to stop her. Afraid that his friends and neighbors might discover the truth and also concerned about their safety, Steve decides to take Amy to a friend’s summer cabin until he can figure out what to do about Amy’s condition. Unfortunately, it so happens that some of his friends decide to spend their weekend over at the cabin. What conspires is all too obvious!

My Dead Girlfriend

My Dead Girlfriend

The acting is passable, after all it’s coming from non-professionals, you might have seen much worse than this. The comic scenes are funny and are able to derive a laugh or two while the low budget film production is obvious from the camera work, sound quality and the background score. All said My Dead Girlfriend is not such a bad movie after all. You can sanely sit through it, unlike some of the other horror movies that only get the creeps out of you. As said earlier, Brett Kelly has the talent and if he puts his energies into the right direction, he might rise above his present ranking as a filmmaker.

Director: Brett Kelly
Cast: Anastasia Kimmett, Caitlin Delaney, John Muggleton, Jason Daley, Brett Kelly
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2006

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