Girlfriends is a 65 minute film of full thrill, suspense, and crime starring Nina Angeloff and Lori Scarlett. The plot is centered on this young attractive couple of two lesbians named Pearle and Wanda.

They make a living by killing men who pick them up on the streets to supposedly get a few hours of pure excitement and pleasure. These two lesbians get the money of these men and manage to ran off. This has been their modus operandi, which somehow helped them survive their financial needs.

This movie is well done with good quality despite of its lack of financial resources and very low budget. It still manages to pull things off by good acting, substantial dialogues, and a very good script. Both Nina and Lori, the main casts are effective on their portrayal of the characters.

This will surely scare off men who will watch this movie reminding them to never again mess with the ladies. Guys should be careful now before picking some attractive and hot sexy chicks on the streets. You do not know what they are capable of doing.

The video quality is also good with great editing. The volume of sounds are just enough with proper timing to the scenes. The scenes were almost natural, not at all trying hard acting. The camera angles are also impressive.

The film was actually very simple but its story is very realistic as it talks about the financial situation of some unfortunate people who needs to display themselves on the streets and go with different men in one night. It talks about how money and life’s misfortunes can tempt anyone to commit crime and even murder. It talks about young love that may be experienced by some teens today. It talks about lesbianism, which is still a strong and critical issue nowadays. It talks about life’s realities in general and not just plain horror movie with crazily made-up phantom coming from nowhere with an obvious purpose to scare, not to mention annoy the audience.

Girlfriends somehow manage to stand out from the rest of the independent low-budget horror films. It is naturally entertaining, thrilling with a dash of humor that was very well injected to it with the right timing. It is funny as well with great graphics and impressive special effects. The ending is also unexpected and surprising.

The movie was successful in captivating the audience from start until the end. It is engaging making the audience follow through the scenes. It is nice to watch and worthy of praise and recognition. It was generally a good film which is a product of creative directors and a good screenplay, great script combined with the right talents.



This movie is highly recommended especially for independent film fans and followers. This is much better compared to other low-budget independent films that are comparable to trash and junks. This is good quality with real acting.

Director: Wayne Alan Harold, Mark Steven Bosko
Cast: Nina Angeloff, Lori Scarlett
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 1993

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