If you have an appetite for gore fest, Frightworld is the kind of movie you should dig.

The story is about Frightworld, an amusement park with a fabled past that has been shut down for years. When a new owner acquired the property, Frightworld is set to be re-opened. On the eve of its reopening, a group of friends staged a party on the park grounds only to be terrified by the fabled serial killer off the Frightworld’s fabled past.

The psycho serial killer is named Verden Fell. He is sadistic and will not stop until he is able to take each member of the group to a bloody ending. Frightworld is like a wonderland designed by no other than Satan. The thrills of the park is not brought about by the exciting rides and amusements but brought about by the resurrection of a serial killer who will not feel satisfied until no man is standing.

For an independent horror film, Frightworld is decent enough. The technical details are not as bad as with the other poorly budgeted films. Lighting is good so as the sounds. The shots are cool enough, providing justice to each and every scene.

The script is fantastic. It brought about a different dimension to the world of serial killers. What’s more, it has a fiery climax, which will bring your enjoyment way up there.

The acting was also very good. Gary Marz is frightening enough to be the fabled, psychotic serial killer Verden. Then there’s the mesmerizing character of Kamillia Kova as Kat. Other than that, everyone else delivered topnotch portrayals. The cast members were able to give justice to each of their parts. They are convincing enough so you would not have to ask too many questions.

If you think Director David Williams just presented characters to be killed one by one, think again. The beauty of Frightworld is that, the characters were allowed to develop and show a different aspect other than that as a subject of a bloody desire. There are erotic, comedic, and lyrical moments in the film – which are all brought in to beef up