Blood Legend

Blood Legend

Blood Legend

At first sight, Blood Legend may appear to be just another horror movie. It delves into the dark topic of witchcraft and how it has changed a young woman’s life forever. But then again, the movie has more credentials than that, albeit being obviously low-budgeted.

Blood Legend circles around Diana, a descendant of Moira, who is the star of an urban legend about a witch that was kicked out of the village, burned, and promised to return for vengeance. It seems that Diana is having a rather normal life, too far from what her ancestor went through, until a class debate about the “urban legend” sparked her witch-y self.

Diana was so angry at Mary’s take on the urban legend, suggesting that Moira deserves her fate, which prompts the former to go into a bloody outrage. That and her continuous involvement on the ritualistic process, which will fulfill the prophecy of Moira’s revenge, started out all the gore and the fright the flick entails.

When Moira was finally back from the dead, more fright and gore ensues. For one, she had to feed on blood to survive and continue to hold human form. For another, there is the need for virgin sacrifice on a backyard satanic ceremony that both Diana and Moira are involved in.

Diana had no problem taking the lead in taking lives and cutting the hearts of her victims. But when his unsuspecting boyfriend Caleb witnessed one of their backyard ceremonies offering a virgin to Satan and he suddenly becomes next on the killing list, the young woman instinctively pressed on brake. But can she really control the situation?

That dilemma sparks up more horror, more gore, more fright.

Blood Legend is truly a fright fest. Every scene makes up for an exhilarating anticipating of what’s to come. Sadly, the limitations of the budget have shown itself onscreen, too. But that should not stop you from banking on the credits of the movie.

Director Rusty Nelson worked hard to arrive at one point. That is, creating a horror film that will make the audience scream. His actors, Heather Jacobsen, Syn DeVil, Mara Marini Jeff Dylan Graham, Erik Coffin, and Randal Malone took their parts to heart. Theirs may not be Oscar-worthy portrayals but convincing enough to bring home the bacon. Some of them were cast members of another horror movie that was released a year earlier than this one. The movie, titled Curse of Lizzie Borden is similarly low-budgeted but is similarly a must watch in every sense.

Blood Legend may not be the best horror movie of all time. It may not even rank at the Top 100 since there are too many fright flicks that has been released over time. But for the enjoyment of your own two eyes, you should watch this gore galore and help yourself as you scream in fright!

Director: Rusty Nelson
Cast: Syn DeVil, Randal Malone, Jeff Dylan Graham, Heather Jacobsen, Mitch Toles
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2006


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