Bent Volume 1

Bent Volume 1 is a horror movie written and directed by the reputable Jason Santo. It is composed of three short, heartbreaking and touching stories of people confronted by different dilemmas associated with life.

The first story “Marisa” is about love, betrayal, and vengeance. The plot revolves around a woman who found out that she was cheated on by her boyfriend. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, she took things on her own hands and gives the guy her own version of sweet revenge. What is unique about the film is the absence of character dialogues. Nothing is said but the scenes are carefully chosen showing a good flow of the story. It was well-portrayed and the emotions are very clear.

The second story was entitled, “Haunted”. From the title itself you can expect a suspense thriller film to be presented to you. It is about a group of gangsters or hired killers who were asked by their boss to kill his girlfriend’s new fling. They beat the guy up to death and even had the nerve to video tape it to present to their boss as an evidence for a job well done. They then brought the girl named Colette, their boss’ girlfriend inside a warehouse. They tied her up and knocked her out. Until for the next few minutes in the film, they realized that they are not all alone in the warehouse. There is something else with them. Something they can’t see but they can feel. It was also nicely done by the entire cast. The effects were good. Even if this is a low budget film, as you watch the movie you will soon forget that it actually was because of how the cast have shown real creativity and great cinematography skills in this film.

In the third story “His Life”, played by Roman Berman, we are moved by the dilemma that a man is facing in his life. From the day he was born, he knew that he is bound to die upon reaching the age of 25. Because of this, he left all his loved ones without anything said, even just a goodbye, to tour the world and discover its great wonders. It was obviously a very selfish act of him not even thinking that his family and even his girlfriend are dead worried about him while he was enjoying every single moment of it. But in the end when he went back home, he visited all the special people in his life that are dear to him, asking for forgiveness and understanding. This is how he showed his final goodbye to them. It was indeed a very touching, heartbreaking story that will leave anyone teary-eyed.

Bent Volume 1

Bent Volume 1

All three films were a job well done by Jason Santo and his casts which includes Cassie Ross, Gene Dante, Tom Howard, and Roman Berman. The quality of the film was superb considering the tight budget. The three-story compilation was a product of the right talented people combined with great amount of creativity and skills. In general, Bent volume 1 is a great movie worth watching as it has the right elements showcasing stories about love, life, and afterlife.

Director: Jason Santo
Cast: Cassie Ross, Gene Dante, Tom Howard, Roman Berman
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2004

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