The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With The Sea

The movie, ‘The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea’ was released in 1976. Considering that it was only a few years away from the 1980’s does not help at all. The cinematography of the movie does not make it great or anything that resembles it. As a matter of fact, there are bits and pieces of the movie that even a 1950s movie could have done better.

The movie on its foreground and background has made a strong different clash. The background moved at foreground at times, which actually directs the story in the sense of complete and utter loss. At the same time, this also makes up for the more interesting thoughts regarding the lovers at bay.

The characters are also too unclear. Characters like that of Sarah (Anne Osborne) and Jim (Kris Kristofferson) are too distracting. The movie could have focused less on them. On top of that, it could have made a more impression relation on the main story.

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The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With The Sea Movie Poster

The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With The Sea Movie Poster

This is pretty much because the movie portrayed Sarah as a sensual being a little more than they should. On top of that, it makes up for a not too convincing portrayal of a relationship sought by the doubted soft spot if Jim. There is nothing convincing in the decision to leave the sea for marriage.

On the other hand, there is an uncommon, overly subdued part when it comes to the main story. The director, Lewis John Carlino, could have made a better actor from the boys. He should have made more connection through it. Could this be the same half-heartedness in the book by Yukio Mishima? The movie is an adaptation of a book of the same title, by the way.

The Chief, Earl Rhodes, could also have made a strong impact on the movie. Unfortunately, the words are just not strong enough. As he becomes the boys’ wonder man, he fell short of collecting a few strong words that could have made watching all worth it. At the same time, this character could have a good impression through a more horrible portrayal of being the chief mischief, no pun intended.

As a mater of fact, the portrayal of the boys is also too vain. The book description could not have an English boy look like that, or was there a problem between adaptations? The boys’ moves on the movies are portrayed in a non-horror way even when they killed and dissected the fat, old cat. There is something too unrealistic in the movement of the film.

The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With The Sea

The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With The Sea

The uncanny release of a story where the writer, Mishima, was able to do the same act (killing and dissecting the cat), was a bit funny. The press release was that, writer Mishima cannot act without the actual performance can be a bit overwhelming though. I am not sure whether this was true or was it just that, a press release.

On an overall, the movie is definitely not a date movie, unless you plan to just sleep through it. This can not even be considered a movie for late night old movie.

Director: Lewis John Carlino
Cast: Sarah Miles,Kris Kristofferson,Jonathan Kahn,Margo Cunningham,Earl Rhodes
Language: English
Nominations: Golden Globes
Country: UK
Year: 1976

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