El Cobrador: In God We Trust

Crime and violence have for long been a part and parcel of cinema, especially action movies. Where else would the hero have the power to display his macho strength, if he did not have a sinister and violent antagonist to fight out right to the end? An action film would never be labeled ‘action’ if there weren’t any fight scenes and bloodshed in it and surprising though it may sound, these films have several takers for it too.

El Cobrador: In God We Trust is another of those movies, though not the general action category, that have blood and gore from beginning to end, which is a bit too much in the extreme, but that is how Mexican director Paul Leduc has it planned.

The movie may not go down well with the masses though, but for those who can think from the perspective of why these killings are taking place or are necessary, the film might just about make a point.

Provocative is a word that describes the movie in one word and gruesome though it may be, El Cobrador: In God We Trust is a stimulating 90 minutes experience of horror and crime, forcing you to put yourself in place of the characters and analyze their behaviour and learn why they act as they do in the film. You will find that there is a lot to think about, of why people like the wealthy executive and the ex-miner, Cobrador behave in this ruthless manner.

A Miami based unnamed millionaire, played by Peter Fonda, is a maniac although he appears to be a normal person when we see him at first. As evening draws closer, we discover that our wealthy executive is a sociopath who takes joy in running down lone pedestrians with his SUV in the dark of the night. Unsuspecting women pedestrians are the victims of his mad fantasy, which of course is all for the sake of fun. Any other person watching the movie would find this act almost insane, but there is certainly a reason for this wild behaviour and it is left to us to make what we want out of it.

El Cobrador: In God We Trust

El Cobrador: In God We Trust

As if this wasn’t enough, we have yet another character in the movie who has an equally disturbed mind. Cobrador, played by Lázaro Ramos, an ex Brazilian miner, strangely lands up at New York, where he engages in a bloody carnage, killing everyone that crosses his path. Again this is an action of relentless killing and we are forced to think why. Amidst all this enters a third character, Ana (Antonella Costa), an Argentinean photographer, who partners with Peter Fonda, who has now moved base to Mexico and together the two go on a killing rampage. So, all that we get to see, is killings and more killings.

What Paul Leduc has attempted here is for us to ponder on the behaviour of these characters, what goes on in their minds and why they act in the manner that they do. When you come to think of it, he is only trying to portray a society that we are actually living in today where violence takes the forefront and human life is a mere entity.

Seeing it on screen feels a little awkward, but this is what our society is really growing into. There are more maniacs roaming the streets then there are level-headed thinkers today. If you can see the point the director is trying to make, the movie will make sense to you or El Cobrador: In God We Trust would just be a senseless film to you. See it if you believe in the real.

Director: Paul Leduc
Cast: Antonella Costa, Lázaro Ramos, Peter Fonda
Language: Spanish, English Subtitles
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 2006


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El Cobrador: In God We Trust Movie Review

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