Echo Park LA (Quinceanera)

Echo Park LA (Quinceanera) features a deeply moving story that will keep you puzzled even after watching the whole length of the movie.

It circles around a Mexican-American girl named Magdalena (played by Emily Rios) as she deals with the tribulations of her teen life that was made even more complicated by her getting pregnant. It was the night of her fifteenth birthday when she received the bad news that she’s going to deal with teenage pregnancy in the next days to come. All because of it, Magdalena was thrown out of her family and thrown in to find refuge in the company of a gay cousin and their great grand uncle. Tensions mount when an unexpected crisis threatens to tear them all apart.

The film was set in Echo Park in Los Angeles, quite a populous district that is a great background for the culture clash that the film also arrives at. So on top of teen pregnancy and coming of age early, there’s the issue of sexuality presented by the gay cousin, and the culture conflicts represented by the neighborhood. The story of Echo Park LA (Quinceanera) is fueled by racial, sexual, and teenage conflicts that you would not find very easy to resolve.

Emily Rios submits an outstanding performance as the main film character. She was able to embody the tribulations that come with coming of age while facing the difficulties of people suffering from unwed pregnancy. Jesse Garcia as Carlos was also amazing. As the gay cousin, he was able to present a believable thought that being gay does not necessarily mean a bad thing.

Echo Park LA (Quinceanera) offers a deep look at normal life’s challenges that a number of us were forced to face. It will give you adequate insights that could help you through life while providing stock entertainment that will help you spend your free time for relaxing into good use.

Directors Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland were able to tell a good story well. They were able to get the point across so the audience will be able to pick up the necessary life lessons that are packaged with the film.

Echo Park LA (Quinceanera) revolves around the life of the three characters – the pregnant teen, the gay cousin, and the great grand uncle to the rescue. At the back-story are the conflicts that come with a foreign culture in a foreign land. That premise is enough to last you over an hour of good watch and that’s exactly what Echo Park LA (Quinceanera) is here for.

Echo Park LA (Quincinera)

Echo Park LA (Quincinera)

Overall, Echo Park LA (Quinceanera) is an amazing movie to spend almost two hours of your night for. It will keep your eyes open to the test of times that do not usually come to all of us but can take down the best of us. And oh, the film was spoken in bilingual Spanglish (Spanish and English) and that helped a lot for people to appreciate the humor of the film.

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Director: Richard Glatzer,Wash Westmoreland
Cast: Jesus Castanos,Araceli Guzman-Rico,Emily Rios,J.R. Cruz,Listette Avila
Language: English
Awards: Humanitas Prize, Sundance Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, ALMA Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, Independent Spirit Awards
Nominations: Young Artist Awards,ALMA Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, Casting Society of America, Imagen Foundation Awards

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