Wish upon a Star

Wish upon a Star –  Perfect for Today’s Violence-Saturated Cinema

Blair Treu’s Wish upon a Star is actually about two beautiful sisters named Alexia and Hayley Wheaton. Alexia, the older one, is very pretty, one of the most popular girls in school and is quite pompous. Hayley, on the other hand, is more on the bookish side, very smart, and is NBSB, which is the acronym for girls who have had no boyfriends since birth.

The younger sister, played by Danielle Harris, is just fed up with having to live in the shadow of her perky sister. This is where the story starts. Hayley spontaneously wishes to switch lives her sister, wonderfully played by Katherine Heigl, star of Roswell and Grey’s Anatomy and many of today’s blockbusters, never actually expecting that her wish would come true. It is because of this sudden wish that the story’s traditional fairy tale storyline leads the sisters’ two lives to becoming intertwined in more ways than one.

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Wish Upon A Star - Katherine-Heigl

Wish Upon A Star – Katherine-Heigl

At first, Hayley absolutely loves the switcheroo, since she loves how she can now do things that she has never actually done before, including getting to date her sister’s popular boyfriend, Kyle, played by wonderful actor Don Jeffcoat. On the other side, Alexia is completely mortified at having to live her boring sister’s mundane daily existence.

The story basically revolves around this storyline, and the fact that getting to live in each other’s shoes somehow teaches each of them a lesson. The lesson is learned when they get perspective on the life of the other sister, as well as on their own.

In general, Wish upon a Star is actually pretty cute and is entertaining in many scenes. Despite its lack of much substance, it has successfully accomplished most of its modest objectives. Both of the main characters, Harris and Heigl, have both been starred in many blockbuster films to date. And, in Wish upon a Star, despite being their younger years, they were able to deliver very solid performances that made the movie director, Blair Treu, very proud.

Looking at the movie on the outside, it seems like a rip-off from more famous movies such as Like Father, Like Son and Freaky Friday. What seems to make it different from the rest is the fact that the storyline revolves around a different generation. It is actually more like the Vice Versa of today.

Also, this film appeals to all age groups. Even if it is geared at the average pre-teen girls, Wish upon a Star can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Plus, Blair Treu also purposely made it an effective throwback to the movies that Disney usually produces, having a crossover appeal to today’s kids as well as the kid in each and every adult.

Being an adult does not necessarily entail that Wish upon a Star could be any less entertaining. It is an absolutely clean and family-oriented film that is perfect for countering today’s violence-saturated cinema.

Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

When caught up in movies like this one, it is quite easy to immediately spot all of the film’s weaknesses. However, just take off your thinking cap for an hour and thirty minutes and shed off your adult instinct for a while. Wish upon a Star is a heart-warming simple-minded treat in the most positive sense.

Director: Blair Treu
Cast: Katherine Heigl, Danielle Harris
Language: English
Awards: Heartland Film Festival
Country: USA
Year: 1997

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