Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby is a 2001 British rom com starring Hugh Laurie and Joley Richardson and is directed by none other than Ben Elton, who predictably, also write it.

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby

The cast is like a run down of the British rom com star stable gathered usually under the wings of Richard Curtis so Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson and Joanna Lumley all put in their usual guest appearances and enrich the film by their presence.

Maybe Baby is a story of a couple who are trying to conceive, Sam and Lucy, successful, happy and fulfilled with each other in every other way. They try everything they can to get a baby, even some really quite harebrained ideas, their love lives suddenly ruled by charts rather than spontaneity. Eventually, dispirited with his current work, Sam decides to write a film about a couple trying to conceive. Lucy however is dead against the thought and it looks like the couple are about to enter the most trying time of their relationship.

It’s a very self reflective piece by Elton as it mirrors some of the events of his own life as he and his wife had to undergo IVF treatment. As such it is very honest and sometimes moving though at the end of the day, it’s a light-hearted character comedy. And it does this very well, as you would expect from such an accomplished team. Most of the cast are familiar faces if not star names and all of them perform splendidly, with particular plaudits to Laurie who has since gone on to prove his straight acting chops ion “house” and Richardson who has gone on to great things on stage and screen. Both are completely convincing and their relationship seems very real and believable, absolutely necessary for the movie to work at all.

Elton directs skilfully and with a degree of tenderness that show how close he was to the material, though it could be argued that the movie provides little solace for those in a similar position, spending a lot of its time finding the funnies in their increasingly desperate and strange attempts to get pregnant. In a way it’s nothing that hasn’t been done better elsewhere but it’s a fun romp with some great one liners.


Director & Writer: Ben Elton
Stars: Hugh Laurie, Joely Richardson, Matthew Macfadyen
Country: UK
Release Date: 2 June 2000 (UK)

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