Jack Me

Jack Me

Jack Me

You might think, just from looking at this movie’s title, that the film must be about the so-called adult entertainment industry. It is actually about fast food. The title, despite being an obvious bid for prurient attention, is actually taken from the movie’s fictional fast food restaurant Jack’s.

The movie’s central character, Moron Spermlick (yes, it’s that kind of movie) is played by an actor credited as Swimmy. Moron decides to do a sort of experiment, with himself as the test subject. He will eat food from Jack’s for thirty days and see what happens. Unfortunately, it turns out that the food from that restaurant is practically drowning in potent hormones. Moron soon finds that his digestion is not working right. What’s more, he soon experiences hallucinations, and even grows a large pair of breasts, which lactate.

Of course, the parallels between this movie and the film Super Size Me (which chronicled a man’s experiment of eating nothing but McDonald’s food for a month) are rather obvious, to the extent that it is a wonder Morgan does not seem to have gotten into trouble for copyright infringement. However, Jack Me is much more of a spoof and reimagining than an imitation. It does not really have a documentary element and, rather than criticizing fast food culture, seems to criticize those who feel the need to point fingers at restaurants like McDonald’s.

The style of this film is rather plain, cinematography-wise. Do not expect much in the way of flashy cutting and editing, or special effects. The lighting mostly consists of making do with what was already at the location, and the film stock is nothing special. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though audiences used to a “polished” look to their movies will have some difficulty getting into this experience.

The inventiveness has been saved for the crazy plot and gags, which sometimes play like a series of sketches from the Jackass film series, only with a slightly more cohesive logic holding them together. Randy Morgan has also populated the film with many quirky, crazy side characters. Indeed, the cast list is rather long for a film with such a limited budget. The list of characters includes terms and names like “Priest,” “Nutritionist Two,” “Vato Three,” and “Sue Yu,” just to name a few. Clearly, we are not in the hands of a man who is trying to play it safe, and thank goodness for that.

Randy Morgan is one of several low-budget filmmakers working today who both writes and directs. This might be more common in the indie world than in the milieu of large, mainstream movies, where the writer and director are not only two different people, but do not even interact with each other much. Here, however, we have a clear case of a man with control of his vision both in terms of coming up with the script and realizing the final outcome as a director. The film itself is not necessarily a work of genius, but the sheer outrageousness of its approach is a reproach to the fragmented, anemic world of mainstream filmmaking.

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Year : 2008
Director : Randy Morgan
Writer : Randy Morgan
Starring: Jorge Amador, Roby Anton, Vincent Angelini, Swimmy
Country: United States
Running time: 90 min
Genre: comedy

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