The Butcher

Written and directed by Jesse V. Johnson, this action-packed drama stars Eric Roberts as Merle Hench, the central character around whom the story revolves. Merle, after the end of his boxing career, starts working for a mob outfit headed by Murdoch played by Robert Davi. Now that Merle has aged, Murdoch tells him that he should retire, as he is no longer the tough guy that he was and not much use to the outfit.

Merle has turned himself into an alcoholic; a failed gambler who’s only brightness in life now is the waitress Jackie, whom he calls ‘Dollface’. On one occasion he asks her if she would run away with him if need be, to which she says that she might, even if that was the silliest thing she would ever do. In the meantime, Murdoch frames Hench for a robbery of an establishment storing money of the rival mob outfit led by Doyle.

The Butcher

The Butcher

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While being caught by Doyle in their attempt to loot the establishment, Merle is able to convince him that all this has been planned only to set him up and he wins Doyle’s favor as he shoots down some of Murdoch’s henchmen. As he leaves, Merle hits upon a stray bag that has several thousand dollars stuffed in it. He walks out with the bag and meets up with Jackie and asks her if she would take up his offer of coming away with him. Jackie agrees.

However, as luck would have it, Merle has been captured in the surveillance camera, walking out with the bag. An outrageous Doyle decides to hunt him down and so does Murdoch seek revenge and both the outfits have men chasing Merle and Jackie like dogs. Our latent hero suddenly regains his past strength and toughness and we see heated clashes between him and the gun-toting men. Little do they realize what they are in for, after all they are facing ‘The Butcher’ and there is certainly something to it for Merle to be known by this name.

Director: Jesse V. Johnson
Cast: Eric Roberts,Robert Davi,Keith David,Bokeem Woodbine,Michael Ironside
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2009

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