Schwarz & McMurphy

There are times when you just cannot stay put and you will start to shift from one television station to another while resting on that comfy little chair of yours. And then, you will suddenly crave for an action-packed film that will definitely give you just the right dose of adrenaline rush. However, flipping those channels would not, most of the time, give you what you need.

Commendable TV film
You are lucky if you catch this movie, which was chiefly created and intended for television viewing. From the highly-acclaimed director of many popular action TV series and movies in Germany’s entertainment scene, came the 2001 television film entitled “Schwarz & McMurphy”.

Stephen Manuel, the Dublin, Ireland-born and southern Germany-raised director, managed once again to generate another exceptionally heart-racing action movie for television in the year 2001. Of course, this movie would not turn out as impressive as it was claimed to be if not for the powerful storyline intricately written by the two most promising writers of the century namely Mathias Dinter and Ivo Pala (also the script doctor).

Grabbing an opening
“Schwarz & McMurphy” is a film about a police officer from Berlin who was given an opportunity to stay in New York for three long weeks. Of course, this once-in-a-lifetime chance was achieved by the cop out of the generosity of Interpol. Who in their right mind would actually let this opening slip, right?

Schwarz, the most fortunate member of Berlin’s police department, was then brought to the most populous city of United States for the purpose of gaining knowledge of the extraordinary tactics used only by the NYPD. And, what Schwarz found out at the outset was that rules should not always be automatically considered as rules.

From whom did Schwarz learn this seemingly valuable lesson? Naturally, from the NYPD cop who was responsible for the Berlin cop’s actions, McMurphy. Moreover, the naïve foreign exchange police officer discovered from his superior that police guideline should be taken as beneficial clues for cops like them.

Plot with substance

Schwarz & Murphy

Schwarz & Murphy

However, an unexpected event occurred on one of their electrifying escapade and it was the death of Samantha, a policewoman and also the partner of McMurphy. Her death resulted from a fight with a blonde-haired during a police raid. This woman was carrying a certain weapon that appeared highly-advanced and very much potent.

This then directed them to a bigger picture which allowed them to discover that the source of these robust machineries is a certain maker of strong firearms in Berlin, Germany. Hence, McMurphy and Schwarz went back to Germany in order to solve this dangerous case.

Never rush
Mystery solved! The two leading characters were able to uncover the truth behind the large production of the powerful weaponry. All the materials used in creating those extremely hazardous guns and explosives were, after all, provided by the Berlin police. Schwarz was already eager to inform his “chief” about this huge story but McMurphy had other plans in mind and it included the use of his very own distinctive New York Tactics.

Plot with substance
It is very safe to conclude that the jam-packed action film “Schwarz & McMurphy” definitely has a magnificent and cleverly-written plot and script. You will notice, however, that the storyline is somehow comparable to a certain Hollywood movie that also involves one American police and a police officer from a foreign country. Still, this wonderful television movie is marvelous in its own unique way.

High-quality movie
You might even say that this movie, although intended for home viewers, can still compete with other high-budget films that are shown on silver screen. The visual effects, simulated explosions, fight scenes, car chase, and gun-shooting events are very much superb that most of them appear almost genuine.

The cast of “Schwarz & McMurphy” included talented actors and actresses like Wotan Wilke Möhring, Tyron Ricketts, Alexandra Neldel, Xenia Seeberge, etc. Their skills in acting were absolutely admirable and priceless wherein they would even fit roughly for an advanced form of high-budget movies. They were all flexible which made them incredibly suited for any kinds of characters that may be assigned to them.

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Director: Stephen Manuel
Cast: Alexandra Neldel,Wotan Wilke Moehring,T. Ricketts,Xenia Seeberg,Arnfried Lerche
Language: German
Genre: Action
Country: Germany
Year: 2001

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