Director: Tony Giglio
Stars: Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, Wesley Snipes
Writer: Tony Giglio
Release Date: 15 December 2005 (United Arab Emirates)
Our Rating: 6/10

Starring Jason Statham, Ryan Phillipe and Wesley Snipes, this 2005 action drama comes from the directorial eye of writer Tony Giglio.



Detective Quentin Connors, based in Seattle is suspended completely unfairly after a misplaced shooting incident which left a hostage and kidnapper both dead. His partner, Jason Yorke reigns in sympathy and when Connors is reinstated, he finds himself in charge of a desperate situation with a rookie cop as his new partner. The situation turns out to be a bank job but the strange thing is that the thieves apparently have not stolen anything from the bank. The leader of the criminal gang, Lorenz has been killing off his accomplices one by one and Connors discovers that the job has been an exceptionally clever one perpetrated using chaos theory, to steal from many different accounts in order to cover the criminals’ tracks.

Jason Statham is known mostly for shoot em up action movies and this certainly delivers on those sequences. However there is a lot more going for this film that fight scenes. “Chaos” theory states that every action is in some way interconnected (as in the butterfly effect) and this is demonstrated brilliantly in this clever movie, where the viewer has to pay close attention throughout to discover what is really going on. Statham is excellent in the lead but it is Wesley Snipes who walks off with the acting honours for his portrayal of the brilliant Lorenz (a clever reference to the French mathematician instrumental in the explanation of chaos theory). Snipes makes Lorenz a genuinely chilling threat, his towering intellect is his primary weapon and several times it seems like Connors is fighting a loosing battle against such a mind. The film is worth it for the interplay between these two alone but the guest cast all put in creditable performances.

It’s the ending which really makes this movie a bit special however. I won’t give anything away here but it’s worth staying to the end for a truly unexpected finale. One to think about as it progresses; this is an unusual and clever action movie, highly recommended.

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  1. Good movie ! Keep on doing that, improve it a little bit and youre making new kinds of films. Jason is amazing like always.

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