London Spanish Film Festival 2010

Hitting the Capital between the 27th September and the 7th October is the sixth London Spanish Film Festival. Hosted by the Cine Lumiere in Queensberry Place, the festival has attracted a huge variety of fantastic Spanish films, many of them receiving their UK premiere with a host of industry names present to talk about their work and influences.

London Spanish Film Festival

The festival brings the culture and influences of Spain to London, showing documentaries, feature films and shorts from all over the country. This year it’s dedicated to three major players, Maribel Verdú, who is one of the country’s finest and most sought after stars who appeared in “Pan’s Labyrinth” and Francis Ford Coppola’s film “Tetro”, scriptwriter Jorge Semprún and director Carlos Saura who will be present to discuss his latest movie “Io Don Giovanni”

The main festival is partnered with “Shortwave”,

The festival started in 2005 and immediately established itself as a way to see the best contemporary films coming out of Spain that have not gained a UK release, as well as advance screenings of the big movies before they hit the cinema. Films are shown from established directors and breaking talent showcasing the finest of the country and allowing attendees to talk with the actors, writers and filmmakers themselves. It also features retrospectives, discussions and industry schmoozes where filmmakers from the two countries can meet and discuss production and distribution.

All of the films are shown with English subtitles.


Chico And Rita

Chico and Rita

Chico and Rita

Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey – in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero – brings heartache and torment.

From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.

Director: Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal, Tono Errando

Wed 6 Oct / 8.30pm

Cell 211

Cellda 211 (Cell 211)

Cellda 211 (Cell 211)

A prison officer is knocked out the day he starts the job and wakes up in cell 211 where he has been left to recover.

Unfortunately, there has been a breakout while he slept and he is now trapped in the cell, forced to pose as a prisoner to survive.

Brilliant and intense performances and striking, fluid direction.

Director: Daniel Monzón

Cell 211 Trailer

Fake Orgasm

Fake Orgasm

Fake Orgasm

A thought provoking documentary questioning identity and sexuality from Jo Sol and featuring a look into the life of erotic performance artist Lazlo Perlman.

His aim is to challenge the accepted norms of society’s perceptions about sexuality and the film is equally challenging.

Visually striking, the film shows full-frontal nudity but always focuses on its purpose, that of challenging conventional society.

Director:Jo Sol, with Lazlo Pearlman, Nina Braunsteiner, Maria Llopis, Lydia Llunch, Jango Edwards, Judith Butler, Beatriz Preciado

The Island Inside

A film about dealing with the repercussions of having a mentally ill parent as three siblings try to come to terms with the damage wreaked on their family by schizophrenia. A compelling script and powerful performances.

Room In Rome

The first English language feature from highly acclaimed director Julio Medem, this is about the themes of raw sexual desire, as two young women meet and spend a passionate night together before returning to their partners.

Of Heart and Courage

Strong documentary entry from Arantxa Aguirre following the struggles by choreographer Gill Roman to keep alive the Béjart Ballet Lausanne dance company after the death of its founder. Gorgeous cinematography tells this gripping and emotional story with a tight narrative flow.

London Spanish Film Festival 2010 Venues

Ciné lumière
at the Institut français
17 Queensberry Place
South Kensington
London SW7 2DT
Box Office: 020 7073 1350

10 Bermondsey Square,
London SE1 3UN
Box office 0207 357 6845


London Spanish Film Festival Official Website – Watch Movies Online – Most of the films will be available to watch online.

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