Comedy Cockneys vs Zombies
Cockneys vs Zombies
Cor’ blimey guvnor! A multi aged bunch of Eastenders fight their way through a un-“brown bread” (un-dead) uprising, within the sound of the Bow Bells.
Action Total Recall
Total Recall
Arnies’ classic 1990 crowd pleaser, Total Recall gets an utterly unmemorable reboot.
Documentary The Queen of Versailles
The Queen of Versailles
A credit crunch documentary seen from the “other side” of the poverty line, WAY over the other side.
Horror The Possession
The Possession
More horror trotted with the possession, a film that re-asks the question, “what’s in the (spooky) box?”
Documentary The Imposter
The Imposter
This astonishing British documentary proves that fact really is stranger than fiction.
Horror Berberian Sound Studio
Berberian Sound Studio
Top British Horror film Berberian Sound Studio sees a sound engineer's work on an Italian horror movie blur the line between life and art.
Comedy That's My Boy
That’s My Boy
Adam Sandler’s comedy star continues to black hole with the humourless horrorshow, that is That’s My Boy a film that makes Billy Madison look like Citizen Kane.
Action St. Georges Day
St George’s Day
Please let this be the last mockney geezer gangster film, it’s certainly bad enough.
Crime Lawless
An all-star cast serves up an alternative prohibition gangster flick that doesn’t quite deliver on its promise in Lawless.
Action Dredd 3D
Dredd 3D
After the blunder that was his first outing, 2000AD’s Judge Dredd gets a decent crack of the cinematic whip, in 3-D.